New Planets Discovered

New Planets Discovered

Chloe Soto

There has been a discovery of seven, closely Earth-sized planets found orbiting a star near the constellation of Aquarius. It is said that the star is so small and cold, that it makes the planets temperate. Temperate planets...

April 13, 2017No Comments

Technology in the Classroom

Ivonne De La Cruz, Writer

With today's rapid growth of technology it has come to no surprise that it is now being used throughout schools in California. Over 12% of schools in the US now lend students technology to use over the school year, accor...

March 28, 2017No Comments

A Plane Crash in the Heart of Riverside

Pedro Perez, Staff Member

Over a year later and Riverside remains glorified for its "8th Coolest City in America" title. But just a week ago, Riverside was struck at its core from a heartbreaking news story. On February 27, 2017, a small Cessn...

March 28, 2017No Comments

Trump’s Budgetary Plan Wants to Hide Climate Change

Trump’s Budgetary Plan Wants to Hide Climate Change

Elizabeth Grant, Editor-In-Chief

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been planning to create and implement what is known as the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3 (OCO-3), an instrument that would measure the precise amount of dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases, is a compound that has been connected to global warming and climate change, and with the 2018 budgetary plan, funding for the development of this instrumentation would be eliminated. Further studies from NASA (along with some from the EPA) concerning the connection between carbon dioxide emissions and their distributions—which could be largely connected to the burning of fossil-fuels in industries supported by Trump...

March 22, 2017No Comments


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Student Art

Original Character Design

Original Character Design

Elvan Ta, Artist
March 7, 2017

Mickey Mouse (The Original)

February 28, 2017

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