Corona Wildfire: 5% Contained as Evacuations Continue

Neil Angulo, Staff Writer

October 10, 2017No Comments

On September 25th a fast moving brush fire began along the hills near the 91 Freeway close to the border between the city of Corona, and Anaheim. A concern has been raised regarding the possible direction the fire may take...

What is it About Gun Control?

John J. Lozano, Staff Writier

October 10, 20172 Comments

Gun control in the United States should be stricter for the safety of the American people. Gun control laws may be restricting but in the end, they will protect the people of the United States more than it will harm them.  ...

October 10, 2017No Comments

It's well known that a high IQ is required to truly appreciate the art that is Rick and Morty, known as Richard and Mortimer to the non intellectually disabled. Or you could read this review of the third season and find out...

New Planets Discovered

Chloe Soto

April 13, 20174 Comments

There has been a discovery of seven, closely Earth-sized planets found orbiting a star near the constellation of Aquarius. It is said that the star is so small and cold, that it makes the planets temperate. Temperate planets...


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Original Character Design

Elvan Ta, Artist
March 7, 2017

Blaze Arnold, Artist
November 7, 2017

Goku Black from the Dragon ball Super series.

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