Freshman Senioritis

Sarah Wood, Author

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For those of you who don’t know what senioritis is it means lacking motivation to do school work, go to school, or even to go to practice. We all have seen or know those freshmen who don’t do their work or are failing classes already. Some freshmen have tried to bail on practice to get their grades up and have led their coaches to cancel practice. For me, I do have senioritis some days when I don’t want to do anything but I overcome it and do my work that way I don’t miss practice.

When some freshmen were asked why they don’t do their work they said simply because they didn’t want to or because it is boring. I went asked some of my teachers about what they think about freshmen not doing their work, they said “If they do not do their work now and are failing how do they expect to make it out of high school, what they do not understand is that if they do not try this quarter but try and get their grade up next quarter that won’t work because it reflects off of both quarters.”

Some ways to conquer senioritis is to create a daily routine, think about seeing your friends at school or practice, and think on the positive side of going to school and practice. What I mean by a daily routine is like wake up at a certain time each morning, try to leave for school at the same time each morning, and make sure to do your homework that way you’re not falling behind. What creating a daily routine will do is it will get your mind and your body used to getting up, going to school, going to practice, and doing your homework.Normally when we see our friends it is at school so that could be a way for you to get rid of your senioritis. The last thing is when we look on the bright side of going to school or practice we tend to not dread going there.

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Freshman Senioritis