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A New Edition is Coming to the Ramona Family

Elizabeth Grant, Editor-In-Chief

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As most of her students know, dance teacher Melissa Townsend has been expecting a baby for a few months now. While the RAM|Page was among the first to let you know, a new update has been made on this little bundle of joy.

Yes, Mrs. Townsend’s baby is going to be a girl. Due in April, dance students are thrilled to have another little dancer pitter-pattering around the studio. Some have even offered to babysit the still unborn child who is coming quickly to the world.

Her name is going to be Victoria, and Mrs. Townsend has assured us that she will begin dancing, like her mother did, as young as possible. With the loving guidance of her mother, the child is likely to be one of the greatest dancers that the nation has ever known; and already before birth, one of the most loved as well.

And Mrs. Townsend is not one to let her seven-month pregnancy get in the way of her classes. Leading her beginning dancers on a new modern dance unit, she is as capable of teaching as she was before she realized she was pregnant. If anything, she stands as an amazing inspiration to her students that body shape is not a hindrance to the ability to dance, to move one’s body in odd or difficult positions.

Students here at Ramona wish her all the best of luck, leaving campus in April for several months to give birth and to nurture the new addition to the Ramona family.

If you’d like to send a message to Mrs. Townsend concerning her baby, how much you miss or appreciate her, or anything else, you can send them to [email protected] They will be delivered to her home after she has the baby.

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A New Edition is Coming to the Ramona Family