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Waiting for Lefty

Marissa Nuñez, Editor

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Clifford Odets, ‘Waiting for Lefty’ tells the story of the East Coast 1930’s. Being right after the war, the fields of industry felt a strain; prices were raising but wages were lessening. As you go through the story you will see different lifestyles that this strain has produced.

The full circle of the story comes back to a union meeting where the committee is arguing whether strike is a good idea or not, most would like to hear from their chairman Lefty, of which never shows. We merge into the scene Joe and Edna. Here we see the strains of a marriage because there is not enough in the home to provide.

Then we have a shift to the Lab assistant episode where a man is offering a raise to the man who he wants to hire to be his “assistant” when in all reality he is really looking for a spy to hire. After so, the scene The Young Hack and His Girl is a scene of forbidden love. It begins with a brother and sister arguing for their other is sick, they do not have enough to provide and instead of getting a second job the sister is in love, running off with some man who could provide little to none for her.

However their love was strong, the countless times that her brother told her to leave him she refused and soon enough lead her to run away with him. Quickly a change of tone came about as we return to the Union meeting. A new man who seems to be greatly disliked begins to speak against the idea of a strike, only to find that he is a Labor Spy.

His true identity is called out by his brother and with Lefty still no where to be found matters seem to be lost. In a fade out and back to separate stories, we see the Intern Episode where there repercussions cause a man his job. He was known as the best among his piers but it was the way it had to be. Such events were the ones to cause an up wave, and this happened. We are turned back to the Union meeting with a final Man speaking. He is for the strike, however still has faith in Lefty’s appearance. In such an instance of this shown faith it is said that Lefty was found dead, in such an uproar the people of the working class; Unite and Strike!



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Waiting for Lefty