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A Plane Crash in the Heart of Riverside

A Reflection of Riverside's Tragedy

Pedro Perez, Staff Member

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Taken by Pedro Perez, Days After the Incident

Over a year later and Riverside remains glorified for its “8th Coolest City in America” title. But just a week ago, Riverside was struck at its core from a heartbreaking news story.

On February 27, 2017, a small Cessna 310 plane erupted in flames upon crash-landing on a Riverside home not one mile away from Nichol’s Park — a local park shared by Riverside’s wonderful community. The significance? Well, that street is home to two Ramona students while the park is shared by many Ramona students in their free time and the Riverside community as a whole. So, when news struck that a plane had crashed into someone’s home just down the street from Ramona students, many are sure to think of how it could’ve been anyone’s home had the plane been on an alternate course.

At the time of the commotion, only three were pronounced dead. Just a week after the incident, another victim was reported dead. Stacey Pierce, a mother of four, has since died of third-degree burns to much of her body. Doctors attempted to amputate her legs in an effort to save her, but her husband has since stated that she never reopened her eyes after that.

Families in Riverside continue to think about how such an accident can now happen to just about everyone while RPD and the Riverside Fire Department will surely continue to protect its citizens in case such an accident were to occur once more. We, as Ramona students, would like to thank everyone who included themselves in the safety of said fellow citizens for their efforts.

As for all four deceased from the incident: Nouri Hijazi, Dana Hijazi, Adine Farelas, and Stacey Pierce, Riverside remains in grief for such an unbelievable incident.

Hopefully, Riverside never has to experience such a tragic event again.

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A Plane Crash in the Heart of Riverside