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Technology in the Classroom

Ivonne De La Cruz, Writer

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With today’s rapid growth of technology it has come to no surprise that it is now being used throughout schools in California. Over 12% of schools in the US now lend students technology to use over the school year, according to a recent study in 2015. Ramona has incorporated technology by lending chrome books to students in order to achieve success in the classroom by accessing books and more resources than ever before.

Although many students I have spoken to said that on an average day they only use their chrome books during one class. Students have also found that the technology might be distracting at times. Although, the new use of technology can also make the classrooms more collaborative with the usage of class discussion groups, in-class learning activities and group work. Many classes here at Ramona depend on technology for notes and being able to access material easily.  The usage of technology engages students to learn in interactive ways than ever before. 

How has technology effected the way you learn?

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Technology in the Classroom