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How to Be a High School Freshman

Fitting In or Getting Out

How to Survive Your Freshman Year

Photo by: KRT - The GHS Voice

How to Survive Your Freshman Year

Elizabeth Grant, Editor-In-Chief

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Most people would advise freshmen not to make the classic mistakes. Don’t run to the lunch line. Don’t have a bulging backpack. Don’t talk to the upperclassmen, and don’t act like you’re the big man on campus. While that may be true to an extent, the real secret to being a high school freshman at Ramona is pretty simple.

Most upperclassmen, believe it or not, are actually very easy-going people. We like it when freshmen get involved, show passion for something they are interested in, and participate in the spirit days. Stop being shy, break out of your barriers, and meet some new people–you might be surprised by who you meet. Being a freshman doesn’t mean that you have to keep your head tucked low and try to become invisible in the hallways. And if you’re ever lost on campus or need help, asking someone else isn’t embarrassing–people generally love to be of help.

Clubs need freshmen to get better ideas of the student body and to make sure that they have members for the next four years. Community service clubs, like all the clubs at Ramona, are very welcoming and would love to have you. Suggestions for freshmen include Habitat for Humanity, Key Club, Cooking Club, Mock Trial, and so much more. Find something that you are interested in, and join a club with matching interests.

Some freshman just feel like they’re not a part of the campus, like they aren’t integrated enough into the student body. Clubs like the Ram Page (the student-run newspaper), USB, and Key Club can really help freshmen get acquainted with the upperclassmen that will be sharing a school with for several years. They can also give freshmen a voice and an outlet to speak into the school while also keeping up to date on information about dances and other school activities.

Probably the most important part of high school is getting to be in touch with yourself and with the people around you. You don’t have to stop being shy if that’s who you are as a person, but the people around you may have a harder time getting to know you. I encourage you, freshmen, to just be yourselves. Run to the lunch line if that’s who you are, and don’t be shy about it. Make yourselves known and get out there! Battle cry like you mean it in the pep rallies, come to homecoming and to football games, and have support for the rest of the students here at Ramona–you’re stuck with them. Most of all, just remember that you’ll only be a freshman for a year, but the impressions that you make on people will last much, much longer.

For more information on clubs, you can go to the Guidance Office page on Haiku.

For more information on how to make new friends, you can go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ueCG9ZgNFw. And, remember, have a ramtastic day.

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