• Choir Candlelight - Saturday, March 24

  • Dance Concert - March 23

  • Spring Prep Rally "Coco" Theme


The Ram Page is dedicated to bringing important news to Ramona students. From world news to information about student life, we strive to make sure that students are connected to their school, community, and world.

Originally founded with the school, the Ram Page has been bringing news to students since the 50s. But recently the newspaper has moved from printed editions to an exclusively online format. Why did we do that, you might ask? Well, news can get to students instantaneously through an electronic format, especially when students access the paper on their phones. This allows the Ram Page to share breaking news with students, in the world but also in the school. It also allows our staff to practice journalism, writing, and photography at their own pace

Loyal to truth and to journalistic integrity, this newspaper is not only students but also for their parents or for staff, so that they can connect to the students’ opinions and ideas.