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2016-2017 Staff

Ivonne De La Cruz

Staff Writer

Ivonne De La Cruz (Junior) joined The Ram Page newspaper to be more involved in school activities, discover her own interests, and meet new people. She wanted to gain more responsibilities and show that she is capable of time-management,...

Chloe Soto

Staff Writer

Chloe Soto (Sophomore) joined because she was craving something different and craving some new experiences. She loves writing and taking pictures so she thought, 'Ah this seems interesting'. (Quinn also kind of bugged her about...

Trinity Salazar

Staff Writer

Trinity Salazar (Sophomore) has written three articles: one on the musical ( Let’s Talk Godspell), one on dress codes (Attack of the Shoulders), and one on Donald Trump (Neglecting the Negatives). She hopes to write more on...

Alexis Lopez

Staff Writer

Alexis Lopez (Junior) joined the Ram Page because he thought it seemed very fun, exciting, and it is something very new for him to try out as well as to experience the "life" of journalism per say. He is also in volved in Paws...

Elizabeth Grant


Editor-In-Chief, Elizabeth has had experience working as an editor for her school newspaper, in previous education, and in the Summer of 2016 attended a Journalism and Communications workshop presented by The Press Enterprise. Her...