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Trinity Salazar (Sophomore) has written three articles: one on the musical ( Let’s Talk Godspell), one on dress codes (Attack of the Shoulders), and one on Donald Trump (Neglecting the Negatives). She hopes to write more on politics, environmental issues, and other interesting topics.

She wrote these articles for her own interest because she believes that if you like the topic you are writing about you learn more about it and overall do a better job at talking about it.

She is in newspaper because she has a strong interest in taking photos and also likes to write, sometimes. She likes to change perspectives of individuals and she likes to listen to people's opinions. She feels like when you interview people you really get to understand what that individual is about. In other words, she like perspectives.  Some other clubs she is in are Paws for a Cause, Habitat for Humanity, Poetry Club, Astronomy Club, and wink wink after band is over hopefully Mock Trial. Her school email is [email protected] but she prefers to be emailed to [email protected].

Trinity Salazar, Staff Writer

Dec 06, 2016
Let’s Talk Godspell (Story)